[pymvpa] CRM-SPAM: [mvpa-toolbox] Re: comparing 18 classifiers on Haxby 2001 dataset

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Tue May 25 02:00:19 UTC 2010

On Mon, 24 May 2010, MS Al-Rawi wrote:
>    1- I just wanna ask if publishing a work on the Haxby et al (2001)
>    subject which is used by MVPA contains a copyright violation or not?
well...  strictly speaking -- hard to say, since afaik, Dr.Haxby at that
moment has not yet released that dataset to public under any open
license (but I can be utterly wrong)

BUT, now, all subjects for that experiment are released under CC-SA
attribution v.3 and available from

so, technically speaking everything is fine, attribution was in place
imho ;)

>    2- It seems that the highest accuracy value was 72.22 using 1000 voxels
>    implementing random spherical SVM, and SVM weights based feature
>    selection. I think this is not the highest accuracy value that one can
>    get from this dataset?

do not forget that they did single trial classification... I don't
remember what I was achieving on that dataset, but 72%
single-trial for all categories (including scrambled) isn't that bad at
all: on block averages (so higher SNR, wider null-chance since smaller # of
samples) in our tutorial
we achieve 78%

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