[pymvpa] Mac memory issues w/ large datasets

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Sat Oct 16 03:34:11 UTC 2010

well... everything, sure thing depends on how much RAM you have in
general ;-)  otherwise I am not sure what is the exact 'issue' ;)

and regardless either mask was applied, you better load with brain mask
just to avoid wasting memory/cpu on searchlighting outside (although,
then you would fail to discover the throat ventral pathway as it was
done in 0.5 tutorials ;))

On Fri, 15 Oct 2010, James M. Hughes wrote:
> I'm having some trouble creating a dataset using a Nifti file that
> is approximately 1.6 GB in size on Mac OS 10.5 using python 2.5 and
> pymvpa 0.4.2.

> Previously I had been importing using a mask which signifianctly
> reduced the size and so it was feasible, but it seems that Python's
> memory limits are keeping me from importing the dataset w/ no mask
> (since I want to do a searchlight).

> I'm not sure whether a brain/non-brain mask has already been
> applied, but this seems like one possible solution.

> Aside from that, has anyone faced this issue before?  Does anyone
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