[pymvpa] problems with running python scripts in terminal: IndentationError and No output

Meng Liang meng.liang at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Nov 17 16:07:11 UTC 2010

Dear Yaroslav,
Thanks very much for your quick reply! Now all the problem solved. 
I actually tried "python file.py" way to execute the file before but the terminal was in the python mode (i.e., the terminal has become a python interpreter), so I failed. Once I quit the python in the terminal, python file.py worked! And the output message appears in the terminal window.
Regarding the "Could not save file" problem, I think it is a specific to gedit. I tried the same thing using GVim Text Editor or PsychoPy2 Coder (IDE) and no problem at all.
I am sure I will have more questions to bother you in the future, but as more and more problem solved, I am starting to like the system :-)
Thanks again,Meng

> Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 10:08:53 -0500
> From: debian at onerussian.com
> To: pkg-exppsy-pymvpa at lists.alioth.debian.org
> Subject: Re: [pymvpa] problems with running python scripts in terminal: IndentationError and No output
> Hi Meng,
> glad to see that NeuroDebian VM resolved your issues with software
> installations.  now indeed it would have been great if we had some basic
> tutorial for newcommers on how to use Debian Linux -- we have plans for
> those but unfortunately lack of time.
> May be someone could help us out with them -- we would be grateful.
> Back to your specific questions:
> 1. running python script, I didn't even know drag/drop way...
>   easiest -- just call it with python, i.e. in terminal type
>     python file.py
>   on how to "create" file.py -- the "problem" with linux is a
>   variety, there is tons of nice editors and IDE environments to be used
>   with Python.  E.g. I use emacs + python-mode, then I just have my
>   Python in an emacs subwindow and type Ctrl-C C to get it executed
>   Some people use  ipython directly  and just call %edit file.py  to
>   modify/run the script
>   some people use advanced IDEs creatde for or tailored toward Python:
>   eclipse + pydev, pida, brian, etc
>   psychopy guy has his own minimalistic IDE primarily for Psychopy's
>   Python scripts, but you could edit/execute any other there as well
>   needless to say that all those are available for you in NeuroDebian VM
> 2. just run python scripts in something with persistent window for
>    output -- terminal directly, or some IDE which maintains "Output window"
> 3. not sure what was your problem with saving... may be you tried to
>    save to the path where you have no permission for writing?
> hope this helps
> On Wed, 17 Nov 2010, Meng Liang wrote:
> >    The second problem is about the example start-easy.py script. When I ran
> >    this script, whatever option I chose ('Run in Terminal' or 'Run'), it gave
> >    me nothing - it looks like the program was run but no output was given (or
> >    maybe the new pop-up terminal window immediately closed after the program
> >    was run so that I couldn't see any output even if there was any?). But if
> >    I type the commands one by one into the terminal, everything is fine and
> >    after the 'print' command, the output message appeared in the terminal.
> >    How to solve this problem?
> >    The third problem is about saving a py file. It should be a basic linux
> >    question but I couldn't find a proper answer on the internet. I created a
> >    new file named "test.py" and double clicked it. gedit automatically
> >    lauched and opened the empty file. I wrote some python commands in the
> >    file and click 'save'. But I got an error "Could not save the file...".
> >    What did I do wrong?
> >    Sorry for all these (probably very naive) questions and thanks very much
> >    for your time!
> >    Meng
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