[pymvpa] Where can I get a version of PyMVPA with "fmri_dataset" in it ?

Rajeev Raizada rajeev.raizada at dartmouth.edu
Fri Nov 19 19:17:11 UTC 2010

Hi guys,

I'm trying to explore the tutorial example here:

>>> from mvpa.suite import *
>>> subjpath = os.path.join(pymvpa_datadbroot, 'haxby2001', 'subj1')
>>> attrs = SampleAttributes(os.path.join(subjpath, 'labels.txt'),
...                          header=True)
>>> ds = fmri_dataset(samples=os.path.join(subjpath, 'bold.nii.gz'),
...                   targets=attrs.labels, chunks=attrs.chunks,
...                   mask=os.path.join(subjpath, 'mask4_vt.nii.gz'))

But I get this:
"NameError: name 'fmri_dataset' is not defined"

I've tried downloading the latest NeuroDebian development version of PyMVPA
and also the git depository version, but none of them appear to contain
any files named or containing the text "fmri_dataset"

There is a help page:
which states at the top:
"This content refers to an unreleased development version of PyMVPA"

There seems to be a mismatch here between the commands
that are listed in the online tutorials and the ones that are available,
even via the development or git versions.

I would be very grateful if you could point me to where I could
download this particular piece of code.

Many thanks,


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