[pymvpa] Make own classifier, binary to multiclass

Thorsten Kranz thorstenkranz at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 20 18:10:35 UTC 2010


thanks for your reply. I'm a little bit busy atm and don't think I
will finish this before christmas. First, I'll start to work with
0.4.5 as I use it in my scripts. But I think it won't be too hard to
migrate it once it's working.

I will look at gnb.py.



2010/12/17 Yaroslav Halchenko <debian at onerussian.com>:
> On Fri, 17 Dec 2010, Thorsten Kranz wrote:
>> I'm trying to implement a classifier using a Cellular Neural Network
>> (CNN, cp. Chua 1998). Though it comes from image processing, It can be
>> used to do some binary classification. I want do incorporate it in the
>> standard PyMVPA mechanisms, i.e. make it a classifier that can be
>> trained, predict, and thus easily be used in a Cross Validation.
> cool
>> I would cherish a hint how to do this correctly.
>> - The "BinaryCNNClassifier", from which class should it inherit? I
>> guess not BinaryClassifier, as it is Meta Classifier and takes
>> poslabels, neglabels arguments.
> correct -- you want to subclass regular Classifier.
> which branch of PyMVPA are you hacking on top? it might be worth getting
> right away to the bleeding edge 0.6 development happening in the master
> branch, but since it is substantially different from 0.4 and 0.5,
> if you want to use it right away with your scripts created for 0.4
> versions -- you better do it on top of 0.4.5.
> may be look at mvpa/clfs/gnb.py  as the example; publish your code (or send
> a patch) so we could help you out
> also if you add proper tags (or _clf_internals in 0.4) and add it to
> classifiers warehouse (mvpa/clfs/warehouse.py) then it would become a
> part of many unittests -- so you could test it immediately ;)
>> - When "BinaryCNNClassifier" is done, I would use MulticlassClassifier
>> to enable its multiclass capabilities I guess
> sounds right ;)
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