[pymvpa] pymvpa problems

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Thu Mar 29 17:46:20 UTC 2012

> I've been trying to run pymvpa through neurodebian and windows,
>  but have not been 
> able to. I've downloaded neurodebian, typed '
> sudo aptitude install python-mvpa' into the command line
>  and it successfully 
> downloaded python. I typed 'python' into the command
>  line and I saw the version 
> information. But then when I typed in 'import mvpa2'
>  like it said in the manual, I 
> received  the 'import error:no module named mvpa2' 

oopsy -- 
http://www.pymvpa.org/installation.html#install-debian  says

sudo aptitude install python-mvpa2

;-)  with python-mvpa you got mvpa 0.4.7 , so now you should have been
able to 'import mvpa'.  so -- you are just 1 more 'install' command away

> Do you guys know what I did wrong?

you did it right but not everything ;)

> Also, do you know when the 2.0 version
> installer will be out for Windows??

well -- there is few at
and then 2.0.1 is also at 
already -- thanks Christoph

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