[pymvpa] Problem with eventrelated_dataset

Roberto Guidotti robbenson18 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 11:25:13 UTC 2012

Dear all,

I have had a strange problem building a simple eventrelated_dataset. I've
loaded my dataset and then I've tried to build up an event related one.

>> events =  find_events(chunks = ds.sa.chunks, targets = ds.sa.targets)
>> evds = eventrelated_dataset(ds, events=events)

ValueError: Illegal box (start: 656, offset: 0, length: 7) with total input
sample being 660.

but the last events are:

 {'chunks': 5.0, 'duration': 7, 'onset': 638, 'targets': 'condition1'},
 {'chunks': 5.0, 'duration': 4, 'onset': 645, 'targets': 'fixation'},
 {'chunks': 5.0, 'duration': 7, 'onset': 649, 'targets': 'condition2'},
 {'chunks': 5.0, 'duration': 4, 'onset': 656, 'targets': 'fixation'}

Trying to build the dataset with events[:-1] it works, so it is indipendent
from the durations, I mean that the events duration could be not equal.

Thank you
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