[pymvpa] On below-chance classification (Anti-learning, encore)

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Thu Jan 31 14:18:32 UTC 2013

On Thu, 31 Jan 2013, Jacob Itzhacki wrote:

>    Dear Rawi and fellow PyMVPAers,
>    Thanks for your prompt response. Apologies once again for the difficulties
>    I adscribe to finding this counterintuitive.
>    That said, I have considered your suggestion and I have a couple of
>    questions regarding it:
>    - First off, what to do about about significant (p<0.01) classifications
>    that hover around chance level? 

be skeptical/cautious about

> In the case of 4 way cross validations
>    (25% chance) there is a (seemingly) much improved chance that significance
>    threshold is reached even as classification hovers or is exactly chance
>    level.
>    - Would we be able to treat the differring significance spectrum as
>    individual datapoints or would it have to be a dicotomic statistic (eg.
>    p<0.01, yes or no?)?

not exactly clear on where you are aiming... but let me paraphrase it --
is your scientific question is dicotomic (yes/no) or a "spectrum" ? ;)

>    Moreover, going back to the original question, is it safe to say that in a
>    below chance classification performance, even though the classifier is
>    seemingly doing the opposite of what we are expecting, it is actually
>    "learning" and hence there was information to learn from?

My fear is that indeed might be the case in some situations, but a. not
necessarily in yours (as MS Al-Rawi pointed out -- you can have
below-chance just by chance, and you said that you have only 1/3 below
chance which is "reasonable") nor I know any paper demonstrating
presence of such effects in fMRI


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