[pymvpa] Tutorial data: did something change?

Shane Hoversten shanusmagnus at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 05:57:43 UTC 2014

Howdy -

I'm trying to walk someone through the early part of the PyMVPA tutorial.
 We installed the latest PyMVPA 2.31 via macports; (the last time I did it
it was v.2.2.0) and the directory names seem to have changed, s.t. the real
tutorial data is in


which I think is different from where it used to be?  Anyway, the
documentation here:


describes mask_vt.nii.gz as containing 577 features, but from what I can
tell it's only got a single active voxel.  Check it out:

❯❯❯ for file in *.nii.gz; do
echo "for $file ==> " $(3dBrickStat -positive -count $file)

for anat.nii.gz ==>  352
for bold.nii.gz ==>  871200
for bold_mean.nii.gz ==>  600
for mask_brain.nii.gz ==>  129
for mask_gray.nii.gz ==>  28
for mask_hoc.nii.gz ==>  45
for mask_vt.nii.gz ==>  1
for mask_white.nii.gz ==>  34

There's other data in the .../mvpa2/data/ directory, but the bold data is
of different dimension, the mask is of different dimension and also a
different name.  Am I missing something obvious, or are the dox and the
PyMVPA distribution out of sync now?

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