[pymvpa] searchlight for data with different runs with different masks

Kaustubh Patil kaustubh.patil at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 19:35:10 UTC 2015


I want to use PyMVPA for whole-brain searchlight analysis on some existing
data. The data has been already preprocessed (skull stripping, motion
correction etc.). Each subject data contains 10 runs and each run was
processed separately, so there is a separate full brain boolean mask for
each run.

My question is what is the recommended/correct a way to use this data to
perform run-wise cross-validation searchlight?

As I understand, each run has to be in the same space (same number of
voxels) so that training and test can be performed, so the whole brain
masks have to be somehow aligned. How would you recommend doing this?

I am new to fMRI analysis so please let me know if something doesn't make
sense or you would like additional information.

Thanks a lot!
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