[Bug 133260] - Small mode horribly broken in sawfish

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Mon, 13 Sep 2004 06:34:59 -0400 (EDT)

rhythmbox | Interface | Ver: HEAD

------- Additional Comments From ken@bitpoetry.com  2004-09-13 06:34 -------
Took a glance at this again, since I'm poking around Gtk+ and Metacity anyway.

If you actually read the documentation for gtk_window_resize(), it says "Resizes
the window as if the user had done so, obeying geometry constraints. The default
geometry constraint is that windows may not be smaller than their size request".

I've confirmed that Rhythmbox doesn't change the default constraint:
gtk_widget_get_size_request() returns -1 x -1 ("unset").

gtk_widget_set_size_request() says: "If the size request in a given direction is
-1 (unset), then the "natural" size request of the widget will be used instead."

So it looks to me like Rhythmbox isn't doing anything wrong.  It's asking Gtk+
for the "natural" height for this window.  It's just that its geometry
constraints are getting lost somewhere between Rhythmbox and your display.

That means it's either a Gtk+ bug, or a Sawfish bug.  And it works fine under
Metacity -- I think that if it was a Gtk+ bug, it would fail the same under all
window managers.  So it definitely looks like a Sawfish (and Waimea) bug to me.

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