Bug#271571: gnome: Gnome displays "Could not start the printer tray icon..." error dialog soon after startup.

Josselin Mouette 271571@bugs.debian.org, 271571@bugs.debian.org
Mon, 13 Sep 2004 23:19:50 +0200

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Le lundi 13 septembre 2004 =E0 21:50 +0100, timday a =E9crit :
> Package: gnome
> Version: 58
> Severity: minor
> Soon after logging into a gnome session an error dialog is displayed=20
> saying "could not start the printer tray icon, because the CUPS server
> could not be started".  I don't have any printers attached to the
> system and have never looked into what would be needed to do so.
> It's a bit of an annoyance to have this popping up in your face.

The gnome-cups-manager package in sid fixes this issue. It is only
missing a build on arm to migrate.

Dear arm buildd maintainers: gnome-cups-manager is currently listed as
"failed", and it was because libgnomecups wasn't up-to-date at that
time. Could you please re-schedule it?

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