[pkg-go] Bug#972527: Support arbitrary arguments in /etc/default/dnss

David Mandelberg david at mandelberg.org
Tue Oct 20 00:25:12 BST 2020

Package: dnss
Version: 0.0~git20180721.0.2de63ab0-1+b11
Severity: wishlist

/lib/systemd/system/dnss.service uses curly braces with 
${MONITORING_FLAG} and ${MODE_FLAGS}, which means each one can only have 
a single argument in it. It would be great if there were some way to 
specify additional arguments to dnss, either via one of those variables 
or a new variable.

For reference, 
> Basic environment variable substitution is supported. Use "${FOO}" as part of a word, or as a word of its own, on the command line, in which case it will be erased and replaced by the exact value of the environment variable (if any) including all whitespace it contains, always resulting in exactly a single argument. Use "$FOO" as a separate word on the command line, in which case it will be replaced by the value of the environment variable split at whitespace, resulting in zero or more arguments. For this type of expansion, quotes are respected when splitting into words, and afterwards removed.

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