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Arjun Lall arjunl at hireflow.io
Wed Sep 22 17:49:48 BST 2021

Hey Paul,

Quick question - is your team using LinkedIn to find and reach out to

If they are, they're most likely running into one of these issues:

   1. There isn’t a way to send follow-up InMails (except manually)
   2. Because of #1, sending InMails is slow and has low reply rates
   3. The search filters are okay, but could be improved to better fit your

The result: tons of time spent sending messages with low hit rates. That's
where Hireflow
our automated outreach platform, can help.

Hireflow automatically finds emails, and sends candidates a sequence of
messages, helping your recruiters increase their reply rates and drive more
candidates into the funnel.

Would you be interested in connecting to see if Hireflow can help your team
source more candidates?

Arjun Lall
Co-founder, Hireflow
333 Bryant Street Suite LL142
San Francisco, CA 94107

On Thu, Sep 16, 2021 at 6:54 PM, Arjun Lall <arjunl at hireflow.io> wrote:

> Hey Paul,
> As a fellow 122 West Ventures portfolio company, I'd love to connect and
> share how you can leverage Hireflow to make strong hires, fast.
> With Hireflow
> <https://www.hireflow.ai/?utm_source=hireflow&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=122west_founders>,
> our AI sourcing platform, you get 500+ candidates sourced for you every
> month. Our system also automates outbound by finding emails, sending
> outreach and follow-ups for you.
> We've helped Suhail Doshi hire his first five engineers at Mighty (S19),
> and are helping teams at Zeplin, Grin, ZeroCater and more, recruit top
> talent. So if you're looking for engineers, product folks, or go-to-market
> teams, I'd love to help!
> Do you have 15-20 minutes to chat about your hiring?
> Best,
> Arjun Lall
> Co-founder, Hireflow
> 333 Bryant Street Suite LL142
> San Francisco, CA 94107
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