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Elliott Workman elliott.workman at rewardstyle.com
Wed Jul 6 02:47:35 BST 2022

Hi Vishvananda, I wanted to get your attention and introduce myself in a cleverly disarming and witty way. Alas, I wrote this email instead :)

My name is Elliott and I’m with LTK (formerly rewardStyle). We are the tech company transforming commerce with creator-guided shopping.

Just an educated guess but as Wayne Gretzky would say "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" so I'm writing to inquire if you could be interested in a backend software engineering role we have open?

I’d love to understand your career objectives and explore if they could perhaps align with what we have. If you are receptive to that please continue, otherwise thank you for getting this far, and if you could ever use a friend at LTK just reach out.

Why you should consider LTK:

Choosing a company to work for is easy, choosing the company that's right for you is hard. I feel like these days careers grow mostly by switching jobs which can be a scary and difficult way to do it. Here at LTK each team member strives to be an ideal team player – hungry, humble, and people smart. This perspective frees us to make an impact by empowering our team members to drive innovation, create new ways to provide value, and continue to lead the creation of this new industry—a game changer when it comes to career growth.

We are dedicated to developing team members horizontally and vertically, maximizing their talents, and elevating them to meet their full potential. Along the way, we celebrate; we iterate; we bring on the fun and then celebrate some more! Did we mention we like to celebrate?

Some fast facts about LTK:

* Listed in Top 10 Fast Company's Most Innovative ( https://www.fastcompany.com/90724462/most-innovative-companies-retail-2022 ) for the 3rd year in a row

* Compelling financials, reached $11B in GMV organically.
* Income is up 22%, revenue up 60% and we are in a $4T growing market.
* 6K+ retailers trust us to market their 1M brands in 100 countries
* 8M consumers buy $3 Billion in products from our 200K+ top tier Creators.
* Solopreneurs have already earned more than $1 Billion through the LTK platform.
* All roles are eligible for remote work!

Ours is a rapidly evolving workspace, we’re constantly exploring new technologies. We run unified design with CI/CD, squad-based agile development and a product management driven environment. This team is building extraordinary commerce related native mobile and web applications using GoLang, JavaScript, SWIFT, Kotlin, Vue.js, and Typescript. Here’s our StackShare: https://stackshare.io/ltk/appdev ( https://stackshare.io/ltk/appdev )

We’re not here to follow a path, we’re here to forge a new one, and would like you to consider joining us. If you would be open to that please use the calendar link in my signature to schedule a convenient time for us to connect.

Let me know what you decide,

Your future friend at LTK

Senior Tech Sourcer
LTK ( http://www.shopltk.com/ ) | LTK Careers ( https://company.shopltk.com/en/careers )
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