[pkg-go] Fwd: Re: [go-acme/lego] Debian 11: unrecognized DNS provider: cloudflare (Issue #1922)

Stephen Hill ste at arious.uk
Fri May 26 09:51:44 BST 2023


I hope you can help. I was trying to report an issue with the Debian 11 version of Lego, but they tell me that it's not their issue but the Debian package maintainers. So this is why I'm contacting you today.

Your best reading the bug report of Guthub https://github.com/go-acme/lego/issues/1922

But the TLDR is that Debian version of Lego does not support the cloduflare dns provider, even though the command "lego dnshelp" outputs "cloudflare" as a valid and available provider.

Is this something you can fix?

Many Thanks
Stephen Hill

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Your command line seems right.

yes I think this is a problem with the debian package.
We are not maintainers of the package, it's handle by someone outside of the lego team.

Then sorry but I will close this.

I recommend using our binary as a workaround.

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