[pkg-go] Bug#1056592: debos: yaml: line X: did not find expected key

Arnaud Rebillout arnaudr at kali.org
Fri Nov 24 02:48:20 GMT 2023

Hello Christopher,

On 23/11/2023 23:45, Christopher Obbard wrote:
> For me with debos 1.1.2-2, I seem to reproduce your issue:
>    Running /debos --artifactdir debos-tests --template-var 'ospack:"debian"'
> debos-tests/test-key.yaml using kvm backend
>    2023/11/23 16:41:30 yaml: line 7: did not find expected key

Good to hear, I'm not alone!

> But with a local checkout of debos upstream built with `go build`, your recipe
> runs just fine (notice there are now no single-quotes around the --template-
> var argument to the inner debos call):
>    Running /debos --artifactdir debos-tests --template-var ospack:debdfsa
> debos-tests/test-key.yaml using kvm backend
>    2023/11/23 16:41:46 ==== debootstrap ====
> I think this has something to do with the recent shell escaping patches.
> Perhaps there is some go module which isn't up to date in Debian causing the
> additional single quotation marks around the inner debos call ?

Indeed, the package golang-github-alessio-shellescape is not exactly at 
the last version in Debian, we have 1.4.1, upstream is at 1.4.2.

However, after updating it, and rebuilding the fakemachine package, and 
then rebuilding debos, I still have the same error.

After digging a bit more, I found that Sjoerd added a few commits to 
debos, just after release 1.1.2. Those commits are needed if fakemachine 
0.0.7 is used, and I can confirm that the issue is fixed by importing 
those commits. Cf: 

Packaging sidenote: please push your pristine-tar branch (or disable it 
in debian/gbp.conf), at the moment "gbp buildpackage" fails because of that.


Arnaud Rebillout / OffSec / Kali Linux Developer
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