[pkg-go] Bug#1056592: debos: yaml: line X: did not find expected key

Christopher Obbard chris.obbard at collabora.com
Fri Nov 24 10:50:09 GMT 2023

Hi Arnaud,

On Fri, 2023-11-24 at 09:48 +0700, Arnaud Rebillout wrote:
> > I think this has something to do with the recent shell escaping patches.
> > Perhaps there is some go module which isn't up to date in Debian causing
> > the
> > additional single quotation marks around the inner debos call ?
> >  
> Indeed, the package golang-github-alessio-shellescape is not exactly at the
> last version in Debian, we have 1.4.1, upstream is at 1.4.2.
> However, after updating it, and rebuilding the fakemachine package, and then
> rebuilding debos, I still have the same error.
> After digging a bit more, I found that Sjoerd added a few commits to debos,
> just after release 1.1.2. Those commits are needed if fakemachine 0.0.7 is
> used, and I can confirm that the issue is fixed by importing those commits.
> Cf: https://salsa.debian.org/go-team/packages/debos/-/merge_requests/5 

Oh, turns out I completely forgot about that. I think it makes sense to
release a new upstream Debos version, import that into Debian and drop your
merge request. I will do that today.

> Packaging sidenote: please push your pristine-tar branch (or disable it in
> debian/gbp.conf), at the moment "gbp buildpackage" fails because of that.

I did look on Salsa and the pristine-tar branches for both debos and golang-
github-go-debos-fakemachine are up-to-date. As part of my update process I try
to always call "gbp push" which pushes the pristine-tar branch, are you sure
that is the problem here?

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