[pkg-lxqt-devel] Bug#798053: Bug#824079: qgis: FTBFS on non-Linux: 'TCGETS' was not declared in this scope

Sebastiaan Couwenberg sebastic at xs4all.nl
Thu May 12 21:12:18 UTC 2016

On 05/12/2016 10:58 PM, Aaron M. Ucko wrote:
> Sebastiaan Couwenberg writes:
>> https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kpty.git&a=commitdiff&h=35ea45b588db9afcbd796576833ac338c6b4b8e8
>> Is this your suggested patch? And if so, can you test it on kfreebsd-*?
> That's a fair question.
> The code change works if I hardcode -DHAVE_TCGETATTR -DHAVE_TCSETATTR on
> line 13 of src/plugins/grass/CMakeLists.txt.  I initially tried adding
> corresponding check_function_exists calls to that block, but they proved
> ineffective; CMake evidently doesn't fall back on adding definitions to
> the command line in the absence of a config header.

Adding " || defined(__FreeBSD_kernel__)" to the #elif statements in
kpty.cpp should be sufficient to not need the CMakeLists.txt changes.

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