[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Timeline for updating Thunderbird in stretch and buster to 68.x

Carsten Schoenert c.schoenert at t-online.de
Sat Nov 9 17:56:15 GMT 2019

Hi Security Team, Daniel and Mozilla Extension Maintainers,

I've mostly prepared successful Thunderbird packages based on 68.2.1 for
stretch and buster, means I can build packages for these releases.
I need to make some local cleanups and a bit of more of testing but I'm
able to upload the new ESR version of TB while next week or latest next

I'm currently running TB 68.2.1 within a stretch test installation for
some hours and so far it looks all quite good. So I assume that TB on
buster is also working well.

But as with every new ESR version we also have to deal with the breakage
of some packaged Add-Ons. I (personally) can mostly live with this fact
but the Enigmail Add-On is an extension which we really should take care on.
Means, I like to see that we sync the release of Thunderbird 68.x in
stretch and buster with also an updated Enigmail package. I've no idea
if the Enigmail Add-On is backward compatible but I guess it is.

And one more really unpleasant issue with TB 68 I'm facing is the for
now useless Debian dictionary packages (hunspell*), TB is not
recognizing them anymore and users need to install dictionaries through
the Add-On menu. I'm a bit clueless how to solve this and if this is
ever possible.
And there are for sure a lot of xul-ext packages out which will not work
anymore with TB 68.x. If possible and we now about such an package I
will add this to Breaks so the package get removed instead will stay
installed and people wondering about some non functional thing.

My time to work on Thunderbird is currently unfortunately really limited
as I'm mostly permanent on businesses trips. So please don't expect some
response from me within one or two days, I'll try to give feedback soon
as possible.

Carsten Schoenert

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