[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] privacybadger: Upstream requests regular updates in stable or the removal of the package

John Scott jscott at posteo.net
Sat Aug 29 18:44:40 BST 2020

On Friday, August 28, 2020 8:15:08 PM EDT Markus Koschany wrote:
> If someone else is interested in the package, we could also try the
> regular stable updates.

I am interested in Privacy Badger and am pleased that the Debianization looks 
relatively simple. I could probably take it on without much trouble via 

This is semi-off topic, but an improvement I'm curious about pertains to the 
Lintian warning:
O: embedded-javascript-library usr/share/webext/privacy-badger/lib/vendor/
jquery-3.5.1.js please use libjs-jquery
    Comment: See Debian bug #916529 why we use the embedded libraries
    Comment: This is a Firefox wontfix bug.

Does jQuery often introduce backwards incompatibilities? If not, what about 
copying jQuery from libjs-jquery into the tree at build time? This is what 
I've been doing for my WIP LibreJS package for example.

Actually, I think looking at Privacy Badger and how it does things (without 
dh-webext) will help me with that as well, so I'd be happy to do it.

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