[pkg-nvidia-devel] Bug#504626: looks like series 5 FX support dropped

Chris Knadle Chris.Knadle at coredump.us
Tue Mar 3 05:14:37 UTC 2009

I have a GeForce FX 5200 and the newer nvidia-glx_180.29-1 and related 
packages won't work for it, either.

From looking at nVidia's website, the latest drivers for GeForce 5 FX 
series cards is 173.14.12.  The nvidia-glx_180.29-1 package doesn't  
support the GeForce 5 FX series cards anymore, even though the Debian 
package description says it does.  :-(  The fact that support for 
these chipsets has been dropped is specified in the README document 
in /usr/share/doc/nvidia-glx/README.txt.gz in the nvidia-glx_180.29-1 
package just after Appendix A2, starting at line 5067.

So unfortunately the nvidia 173.14.09 packages will need to be 
retained and maintained.  :-/  And the package description for the 
nvidia 180.29-1 packages needs updating to remove unsupported 

I'm retaining a custom kernel built with the nvidia_180.29-1 drivers, 
so if more detail is requested I can supply it.

  -- Chris


Chris Knadle
Chris.Knadle at coredump.us

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