Bug#630775: temporary workaround for unstable

Nick Orlov bugfixer at list.ru
Wed Jun 22 01:02:54 UTC 2011

>> Will libgl1-nvidia-glx be made to provide libgl1? I read on the
>> nvidia-glx bugs that there is an argument against it.

> No, this will cause more trouble than it solves.

I'm not so sure about that - some people may end up wiping out half
of the system because of this conflict ...

Anyway - as a temporary workaround for unstable I ended up creating
empty metapackage 'libg1-fake' which depends on libgl1-nvidia-glx and
provides libgl1. This allowed to remove conflicting libgl1-mesa-glx and
put system back to a consistent state.

So far looks good - quake works :)

With best wishes,
	Nick Orlov.

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