upload cuda toolkit 6.0 to unstable ?

Tomasz Rybak tomasz.rybak at post.pl
Wed Oct 15 21:05:28 UTC 2014

Dnia 2014-10-15, śro o godzinie 12:18 +0200, Andreas Beckmann pisze:
> On 2014-10-05 21:17, Tomasz Rybak wrote:
> > So it looks like I was blocking the transition? Sorry...
> No, I was waiting for my previous 5.5 upload to reach testing first, so
> I could could push 5.5 to wheezy-backports
> > Not from my point of view. You can upload 6.0, and then I'll
> > rebuild and upload PyCUDA rebuilt against it.

OK, thanks for clarification.

> I'm currently experimenting to build binNMUs for pycuda with pbuilder
> (result looks promising). I'll wait for the current pycuda to migrate
> and upload them tomorrow - that should be easier transitionwise than a
> sourceful upload and rebuild (binNMUs usually don't have migration
> delays, just dependencies have to be satisfied). Only if the binNMU does
> not work out we will have to revert to a sourceful upload.

You should be able to build PyCUDA with pbuilder without any problems.
I always build it (both architectures: amd64 amd i386) using pbuilder
and upload such packages, so any failure under pbuilder should be
treated as FTBFS (or similar).

BTW - thanks for taking this rebuild from my shoulders!

Best regards.
Tomasz Rybak

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