[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Bug#909588: Bug#909588: libqt5keychain1 seems not to find gnome-keyring service

Thomas Maaß mase at setho.org
Sun Oct 21 01:24:49 BST 2018

Am 21. Oktober 2018 01:57:47 MESZ schrieb "Sandro Knauß" <hefee at debian.org>:
>> I rebuilt the nextcloud-client against libsecret. Now everything is
>> again. I will file a bug in the owncloud-client, which does not
>depend on
>> libsecret.
>I do not get it - with qtkeychain v0.9  the added the libsecrect
>because gnome-keyring switched to that interface and people were
>telling me, 
>that it works in a gnome environment. I think it is something
>because qtkeychain in Debian has the ability to support old interface
>and the 
>new libsecret interface.
>The nextcloud client is not packaged in Debian, so don't know what they
>doing. Do you build qtkeychain together with nextcloud client? maybe
>they have 
>a patch that fixes this?
>Did you verified that you only have packages from Debian installed?
>apt cache owncloud-client libqt5keychain1

All I did is installing libsecret before building the nc client. I did not rebuild qtkeychain. I did not try this with the oc client, because I am using nc on my server and use the nc client built from source now. But I am pretty sure, building the oc client with libsecret installed would also fix the issue here.
I don't get, why Debian did not package the nextcloud stuff yet.


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