[pkg-php-pear] symfony (2.3.20) update

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Fri Oct 10 21:12:20 UTC 2014

TL;DR: Ping?

Hi Daniel,

Le 05/10/2014 17:25, David Prévot a écrit :

> I noticed you already started to work on the symfony 2.3.20 update
> Have you already checked the actual differences, have you already
> started to test the package in its current form?

I’d like to have an update before diving into the changeset (If I were
to mail ftpmasters, I’d very much prefer if we were ready to upload the
version 2.3.20 of the package as soon as it make it out of NEW. Well,
even if we don’t mail them actually).

> I’ve just finish pushing the standalone 2.3.19 packages to the archive,
> and am wondering about what comes next… Here is a first draft of what I
> could send to the ftpmasters, maybe this week, in hope it could help us
> have a clearer view in case they didn’t process src:symfony in the mean
> time. Thanks in advance for your remarks, review, rewrite, etc.
> --------------------------%<---------------------
> Subject: src:symfony status
> Hi ftpmasters,
> Not so long ago, we uploaded a big src:symfony package that builds many
> php-symfony-* binary packages. We’d like to know if you will be able to
> finish reviewing it before the freeze.
> On one hand, it arrived late. Sorry about that, but it was a piece of
> work that needed changes in our usual build helper, and it’s not the
> usual php-* package we’re use to submit. On the other hand, it allows to
> have a consistent handling of all those php-symfony-* packages.
> If you believe you won’t be able to review src:symfony in time for the
> freeze, please let us know: upstream just updated their stable branch to
> 2.3.20, and we’d thus like to upload up-to-date packages before the
> freeze. If you can let src:symfony 2.3.19 threw, that’s fine, and we’ll
> then upload a 2.3.20 version (almost ready in Git) after that. If not,
> we’ll update the seven standalone php-symfony-* packages ASAP, but we
> will also need to update src:symfony to 2.3.20 in NEW to keep the
> upgrade path. Since we don’t want to come in your way if you already
> started reviewing src:symfony 2.3.19, we’d prefer to ask for advice now.
> Thanks in advance for your reply.
> Regards
> David

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