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David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Mon Apr 13 01:23:06 BST 2020

Hi Robin,

Le 12/04/2020 à 09:08, Robin Gustafsson a écrit :

> I've prepared a new version of php-nesbot-carbon for upload to
> unstable. Please review and sponsor it.

Thanks, uploaded. I nonetheless have a few remarks about the packaging,
thanks in advance for looking into them. Please note that I only quickly
looked at the upstream code (that is ten time bigger than the previous
version) and didn’t properly test the package.

- I notice there is a more recent upstream version (2.32.2), why not
  using the latest version?
- You should include the bin/carbon executable that is now provided
  upstream (eventually changing the executable name, that sound very
  generic, even there are none of the same name yet in Debian).
- debian/control:
  + https://carbon.nesbot.com/ is actually the Homepage.
  + please drop the version on pkg-php-tools, it’s already satisfied
    since before oldoldstable.
- debian/copyright:
  + MIT is used instead of Expat;
  + why do you use a license for debian/ that is incompatible with
    upstream? (Changed in be6b8f7c4d0a6259a6bcf347b1e89bf7c504fe07, no
    indication that the initial author agrees).
- debian/docs: You might want to ship readme.md.
- debian/patches seems unneeded:
  - 0001 prevents from testing the package at build time;
  - 0002 should probably be replaced by a static autoloader;
  - 0003 should probably be replaced by a locales-all
- debian/rules: should perform the testuite at build time.
- You should sign your git tags.
- You could base your next update on upstream Git repository.
- Two tests are skipped with the following rationale:

	In Symfony < 4, NotLocaleAwareException will never been thrown.

  yet php-symfony-translation version 4.4 is used, so it needs some
  investigation to understand what is going wrong.



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