[pkg-php-pear] RFS: php-nesbot-carbon

Robin Gustafsson robin at rgson.se
Mon Apr 13 16:29:44 BST 2020

Hi David,

Thank you for the speedy upload and the great feedback. Much appreciated.

I've fixed your remarks and prepared a new version on Salsa [1].

> - I notice there is a more recent upstream version (2.32.2), why not
>   using the latest version?

No reason. I just failed to keep up with upstream. Fixed.

> - You should include the bin/carbon executable that is now provided
>   upstream (eventually changing the executable name, that sound very
>   generic, even there are none of the same name yet in Debian).

I included it as "nesbot-carbon". It's missing a man page though. I'll
file a bug myself once it's uploaded and contact upstream, in
accordance with policy.

>   + please drop the version on pkg-php-tools, it’s already satisfied
>     since before oldoldstable.

For my own future reference, is "drop the version [if] it's satisfied
since before oldoldstable" a general rule?

>   + why do you use a license for debian/ that is incompatible with
>     upstream? (Changed in be6b8f7c4d0a6259a6bcf347b1e89bf7c504fe07, no
>     indication that the initial author agrees).

I thought GPL-2+ was preferred for debian/*, probably because it's
dh_make's default. I have no personal preference, so I've now changed
it back.

As for the initial author's agreement, I believe the MIT license
itself would allow me to sublicense under GPL.

> - You could base your next update on upstream Git repository.

I prefer not to intertwine the repo histories.

> - Two tests are skipped with the following rationale:
>         In Symfony < 4, NotLocaleAwareException will never been thrown.
>   yet php-symfony-translation version 4.4 is used, so it needs some
>   investigation to understand what is going wrong.

It should say "Symfony < 5". It's now patched upstream and will be
fixed in their next release.

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/php-team/pear/php-nesbot-carbon


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