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James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Fri Jan 24 01:49:03 GMT 2020

Hi David,

On 1/23/20 7:49 AM, David Prévot wrote:
> Hi James and all,
> Le 15/01/2020 à 02:48, James Valleroy a écrit :
>> Please review and sponsor php-pubsubhubbub-publisher:
> Thank you for your work. I’m OK to upload it as-is, but I wonder if
> you’d like to use a lower version string before doing so (since that’s
> the one thing one can’t decrease once the package is in).
> A few details:
> Did you forget to push your upstream/ (signed) tag?

I don't have an upstream/ tag yet, because I didn't run gbp import-ref (debian/master was directly branched from upstream).

I can do this after changing the version number.

> A d/gbp.conf file would be useful since you use a non-default gbp scheme
> (debian stuff in a d/master branch instead of master).


> Don’t you need php-cli rather than php for CI?

Yes, this will result in fewer packages pulled in. I have made this change.

> The upstream version you chose (0.0~git20181009.047b0fa) ranks higher
> than 0 or 0., why not simply use 0~something (or even 0~~something if
> you want to be extra careful)?
> Also, it looks like a long string: I don’t believe providing a short git
> hash in the version string is useful (why not simply provide it inside
> d/changelog?). Instead, it increases the data lentgh in every Debian box
> (via its Package file) for a use case I doubt actually exists (and yes,
> it’s your choice in the end ;). OK, it’s not as crazy as what some
> people do in the nodejs world (e.g.,
> 6.2.1+ds+~0.4.0+~4.0.0+really4.0.0+~1.0.0+~5.0.1+ds+~1.7.0+ds+~0.1.1+~0.3.1+~0.2.0+~0.1.0+~0.3.0+~0.3.0-5
> for acorn ;), I think they even managed to break the upload queue not so
> long ago.

Yes, I can change this. I didn't find any guidelines for picking a version number, so I tried to match uscan's mode=git default.

Do you think I should keep the commit date in the version, like 0~~20181009? I can have uscan match this format with the "pretty" option.

> The upstream README.md could be shipped (I don’t mind either way).

Added to d/docs.

Thanks for reviewing!


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