[pkg-php-pear] Wiki feedback [Was: deb packages looking for sponsorship]

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Sun Jun 5 12:15:26 BST 2022


Thanks for the feedback.

Le 04/06/2022 à 20:58, Fab Stz a écrit :
> Le vendredi 3 juin 2022, 12:48:42 CEST David Prévot a écrit :
>> 	https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPHPGroup/Composer
> This wiki mentions:
> * `The package should also install upstream files in /usr/bin/php/
> <Vendor_name>/<Project_name>.`
> → Did you actually mean /usr/share/php/<Vendor_name>/<Project_name> ?

Fixed, thanks.

> * dh-sequence-phpcomposer
> → does that package exist? is it necessary? It seems to work fine without it.

It’s provided by pkg-php-tools, so you don’t need to B-D on 
pkg-php-tools nor use “--with phpcomposer” with dh, see dh(1):

            dh-sequence-addon implies a --with addon. This avoids
            the need for an explicit --with in debian/rules that
            only duplicates what is already declared via the build
            dependencies in debian/control.  The relation can (since
            12.5) be made optional via e.g.  build-profiles.  This
            enables you to easily disable an addon that is only
            useful with certain profiles (e.g. to facilitate

> * could we move the "test" part of `dh` to `override_dh_auto_test`? This is
> because
> `mkdir --parents vendor <Vendor_name>` creates some interference when building
> the package because the dirs are not in orig tarball.

I don’t understand, what interference are you talking about? I *think* 
that this kind of things (building autoload.php for tests and other 
workaround to not use composer) are more dh_auto_build materials than 
dh_auto_test ones. Does someone have any good arguments about that, or 
any strong feelings?

> * Since the packages used for the tests are already in d/control
> What about using `@builddeps@` in the Depends field of d/tests/control ?

Checking that the package dependencies are correct is also part of the 
autopkgtest features.

     please use this sparingly, as this can easily lead to missing binary
     package dependencies being overlooked if they get pulled in via
     build dependencies.



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