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Daniel Dehennin daniel.dehennin at baby-gnu.org
Sat May 9 19:08:53 UTC 2015

Jonas Linde <jonas.linde at init.se> writes:

> Hello everybody!



> Of the different programming languages I've used, Perl is the only one
> that is truly fun to work with.


> Since Perl6 was announced 15 years ago I've been eagerly waiting and
> have been starting to use it more in the last year. I was recently
> involved in a discussion about whether Perl6 was released or not and a
> criteria that came up was the existens of a Debian package. As I'm
> also a long time Debian user I thought it would be a good idea to help
> out keeping the packages up to date.
> My goals in this would be to spread the use of Perl6 by making sure
> that the principal compiler is easliy available to Debian users. I
> also believe that my employer would actually sponsor this work which
> means that I won't have to be distracted by other paying work.
> I'm really looking forward to get started on this!

We have MoarVM[1] in NEW queue[2].

Yesterday, I tried to compile nqp-m 2014.04, so against MoarVM 2014.04,
but some tests fail, I then saw that Dominique Dumont already made the

So now, it seems we are waiting for a libtommath update.

NB: I manage to build nqp-j against default-jdk, it's just horribly
slow, the nqp tests was

- MoarVM 14 wallclock secs 

- JVM 491 wallclock secs

But all the tests pass on the JVM.

NB2: I think we need some talk about the management of sources, for
     example the update of upstream source as describe by Paul[5] can be
     simplified with git-buildpackage:

     nqp(master=) gbp import-origin --uscan --merge


[1]  https://bugs.debian.org/750837

[2]  https://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html

[3]  https://github.com/perl6/nqp/issues/234

[4]  https://github.com/libtom/libtommath/issues/35

[5]  https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-rakudo/nqp.git/commit/?id=040ca57fe51414e99603a46b6179536e2b896503

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