[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] Bug#478170: roundcube: files missing after install

Vincent Bernat bernat at debian.org
Sun Apr 27 20:40:19 UTC 2008

OoO En ce début de soirée  du dimanche 27 avril 2008, vers 21:58, Teodor
<mteodor at gmail.com> disait:

> tags 478170 - wontfix
> thanks

Uh? This tag is maintainer wish only.

> On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 9:35 PM, Vincent Bernat <bernat at debian.org> wrote:
>> If   you    install   earlier    versions   of   roundcube,    you   get
>> /etc/default/roundcube.     This    file    has   been    replaced    by
>> /etc/default/roundcube-core     (because    roundcube    is     now    a
>> metapackage). Since  we don't want to  bother users that  did not modify
>> this file, we ship this file instead:

> I see your point now: the files were moved from the 'roundcube'
> package to 'roundcube-core' package. In this case the package should
> not declare it owns these files.
> The logic is that for any given package, the command "dpkg -L
> PKG-NAME" will list the files and ALL of them should exist even if
> empty. That's my opinnion. For example if you prefer to keep the file
> '/etc/default/roundcube' it should add a comment that explains that is
> NOT in use and someone should modify '/etc/default/roundcube-core'.

I want  to get rid of  /etc/default/roundcube since it is  useless. If I
leave them, someone will file  a bug telling that roundcube leaves empty
useless config files around.

However, I  cannot just simply drop  them from the  package because some
people  installed earlier  version  of roundcube  package  and may  have
modified /etc/default/roundcube.  They should be aware  that the content
of it has moved to /etc/default/roundcube-core and I cannot do it myself
because a package  do not have the right to mess  with files modified by
the user. This is why roundcube ships an empty (with comments) file.

I could  add a debconf question  and many other workarounds  but this is
cumbersome  and  overly complicated  while  the  current  fix relies  on
standard conffiles mechanisms  with the only drawback that  dpkg -L will
list files that do  not exist anymore. And I still fail  to see why this
is a bug.  As a user, I can  delete myself a conffile. It  still will be
listed in dpkg -L.
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