[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] DFSG suffix and SWF files

Vincent Bernat bernat at debian.org
Sat Oct 17 18:30:32 UTC 2015

 ❦ 17 octobre 2015 19:41 +0200, Guilhem Moulin <guilhem at guilhem.org> :

> A new upstream release (1.1.3) has been available for a little while,
> and I thought I would try to package it this week-end ;-)  I've got one
> blocker and two questions though:

That would be great. :)
>   1/  I thought the ‘dfsg’ suffix was added due to upstream shipping
>      .swf files with TinyMCE.  However ‘moxieplayer.swf’ is still
>      included in the roundcube-core package [0].  And even stranger,
>      upstream changelog for 0.7 says “TinyMCE security issue: removed
>      moxieplayer (embedding flv and mp4 is not supported anymore)”.
>      Could anyone enlighten me here?  Should we get rid of
>      moxieplayer.swf as well?  Is there anything else justifying the
>      presence of the ‘dfsg’ suffix?

The .swf is coming back either because we started using the embedded
TinyMCE or just because I forgot to exclude it in debian/copyright. But,
yes, it should be removed again. I suppose that upstream reintroduced
the SWF by accident too.

>   2/ Has anyone tried to convince upstream to cryptographically sign
>      their release?  (If not I'll drop them a line.)

Not tried. Upstream is helpful (we don't interact much but they did make
the "GPL" release for us).

>   3/ Is there a policy for inclusion in roundcube-plugins-extra (which I
>      forgot to backport — oops :-/)?  I'm thinking of adding
>      kolab/calendar [1] (AGPLv3).

There is none. You can include with you think is useful.
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