[Pkg-shadow-devel] Please add shadow to the TP

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Tue Feb 26 17:22:53 UTC 2008

Hi Benno, again...:-)

Quoting Nicolas François (nicolas.francois at centraliens.net):

> > In your snapshot tarball there are many PO files with quite recent 
> > revision dates (mostly last November).  How did you acquire all 
> > those updates?
> Shadow used to be in the set of packages used by the Debian Installer, and
> Christian Perrier managed to get *a lot* of new translations, with
> responsive translators to update them.
> We usually pinged the last translators to get updates.

In difference with iso-codes ISO-3166, which Benno is already aware
of, shadow strings are *no longer* considered part of the Debian
Installer set of file. So, there is less urge, on the Debian "side" to
get new translations in, which would require bypassing the TP.

So, I think that it's perfectly OK for shadow to be in the TP now.

iso-codes and shadow both share the specificity of being maintained by
people strongly connected to Debian:
- iso-codes was started in Debian and is now used outside of it
- shadow used to be developed outside Debian but the maintainance has
  been taken over by for Debian packagers.

In both cases, the upstream development is progressively separated
from the Debian development, including localization. So, going towards
the TP is a natural move.

We have to also request this from "our" translators, which may take
time and some "cultural" changes for them.

> > At the TP there are no teams yet for Bosnian (bs), Dzongkha (dz), 
> > Khmer (km), and Tagalog (tl), so I cannot import those files into 
> > the TP archives.  In case you receive updates for those languages, 
> > please urge the translator to join the TP, create a team, and send 
> > in their PO file through the TP.  All other PO files I will import 
> > when shadow is added to the Translation Project.
> OK.

These 4 translation teams are good examples of l10n people who began
localization work through their work on Debian. We'll try to have them
form a TP team, but the result is not guaranteed.

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