[sane-devel] HP scanner problems

Bob Sully rcs@malibyte.com
Wed, 1 Aug 2001 15:18:00 -0700 (PDT)

Update on scanner problems:

(1) HP 6300C on SCSI machine (SANE 1.0.5/Xsane 0.79):  Got Xsane to
compile (thanks Peter - it was due to gtk.h being in a non-standard
directory).  It scans using Xsane, but only in "Normal" mode.  The XPA
setting (transparency adapter) doesn't work - it times out and hangs up.

(2) HP 6200 on USB machine at work (SANE 1.0.4/Xsane 0.78):  xscanimage
and xsane both come up with "no devices detected".  Scanimage does
initiate a scan, dumping data to stdout (the screen in this case):

[rcs@rcsully: ~]$ scanimage -d hp:/dev/usbscanner0
# SANE data follows
2550 3507
@@@@@ h  Y `D@@
@@   A@0@@
@@ @


Any way to get xscanimage and xsane to see the scanner?  We're almost

Both boxen are running Mandrake 8.0 with 2.4.6 custom-compiled kernels.

Thanks much !!

-- Bob --
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