[sane-devel] USB HP scanner problems

Bob Sully rcs@malibyte.com
Wed, 25 Jul 2001 21:26:13 -0700 (PDT)

Hey again -

So now I have two problems related to HP scanners.  One I've already
mentioned (xsane 0.79 won't compile on one machine; that box has a 6300c
in SCSI mode); see message from earlier today.

The second involves getting HP scanners (6200 and 6300) to work under USB.
The problem is that neither xscanimage nor xsane will find the device.  In
one case, I believe that the scanner is actually not being recognized
(can't find it with usbview, which sees the hub fine); the usb scanner
module loads up OK.  This scanner is plugged into two machines, one SCSI
(this is the one which won't compile xsane) and one USB.  The SCSI
machine finds the scanner fine in both Linux and Windoze; it doesn't
come up on the USB machine.

In the other case (my work box), the scanner is seen by the usb hardware
but it apparently won't initialize.  I get the "timeout" message
repeatedly.  Windoze on this machine is also able to use the scanner
without a problem.

In either case, xscanimage and xsane report no devices found.  I realize
that hardware debugging isn't the focus of this list, but this has me
scratching my head.  All of the necessary files (/usr/local/etc/sane.d/hp.conf
and dll.conf) are set up correctly on the USB-interface machines (as per
the hp-sane.txt files and several mini-HOWTo's on the 'net).

Anyone have any ideas?  I don't even mind a few flames as long as they
contain useful information.  :-P

TIA -- Bob

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