[sane-devel] HP ScanJet 6100C Configuration

Peter Kirchgessner peter@kirchgessner.net
Mon, 05 Aug 2002 20:27:47 +0200

Hi Frank,

lets start a new test with debugging information. Do

export SANE_DEBUG_HP=17
xscanimage hp > hp.lis 2>&1
gzip hp.lis

And please send back the file hp.lis.gz.
BTW. What SCSI-card are you using with the scanner ?


Frank Roberts - SOTL wrote:

> Thanks again for the help Peter.
> I did the following:
> 1. Restored sane.d to its original configuration.
> 2. In hp.conf changed /dev/scanner to /dev/sg0
> 3. Confirmed that hp is active in dll.conf. 
> 4. Tested system - no change.
> 5. As root did: chmood 666 /dev/sg0
> 6. Tested system - no change.
> Thanks
> Frank
> On Monday 05 August 2002 01:14, Peter Kirchgessner wrote:
>>Don't remove the files. You need at least dll.conf too. And check that
>>it has the line with hp activated.
>>Frank Roberts - SOTL wrote:
>>>Thanks for the help Peter.
>>>I did the following:
>>>1. Changed /dev/scanner to /dev/sg0
>>>2. Made directory sane.d-bak
>>>3. Removed all configuration files from sane.d except hp.conf
>>>4. As root did chmood 666 /dev/sg0
>>>I received exactly the same results - no change.
>>>On Sunday 04 August 2002 04:06, Peter Kirchgessner wrote:
>>>>Hi Frank,
>>>>try the hp.conf with
>>>>scsi HP
>>>>If this does not work, you may have a second hp.conf at
>>>>/etc/sane.d/hp.conf. Try that one with the same content.
>>>>If it still does not work, do as root a
>>>>chmod 666 /dev/sg0
>>>>and try it again.
>>>>Frank Roberts - SOTL wrote:
>>>>>Hi All:
>>>>>I hope You people will have time to help a relative novice with
>>>>>configuration of an HP 6100 C which is to be used intermidently on 2
>>>>>different RH 7.3 systems.
>>>>>As stated previously the scanner is an HP 6100C if I issue the command:
>>>>>The scanner is connected by 40 pin scsi.
>>>>>Several commands were issues with the following results:
>>>>>$ scanimage --list devices
>>>>>sg0     HP C2520A 36644
>>>>>sg1     Mitsumi    CD-R
>>>>>sg2     Soney      CD-RW
>>>>>$ cat /proc/scsi/scsa
>>>>>Attached devices:
>>>>>Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 04 Lun: 00 Vendor: HP Model: C2520A Rev:
>>>>>3644 Type: Processor ANSI SCSI revision: 02
>>>>>Host: scsi1 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00 Vendor: MITSUMI Model: CD-ROM
>>>>>FX4830T!B Rev: R02C Type: CD-ROM ANSI SCSI revision: 02
>>>>>Host: scsi1 Channel: 00 Id: 01 Lun: 00 Vendor: SONY Model: CD-RW
>>>>>CRX175E2 Rev: S002 Type: CD-ROM ANSI SCSI revision: 02
>>>>>$ export   SANE_DEBUGG_HP=17
>>>>>$ scanimage -L
>>>>>[scanei_debug] Setting debug level of hp to 17
>>>>>[hp] sane_init called[hp]
>>>>>[hp] sane_init will finish with Success
>>>>>[hp] sane_get_devices called
>>>>>[hp] hp_read_config: hp backend v0.95 start reading conf file
>>>>>[hp] hp_read_config: processing line <scsi HP>
>>>>>[hp] hp_read_config: processing line </dev/scaner>
>>>>>[hp] hp_read_config: attach scsi HP
>>>>>[hp] hp_read_config: attach /dev/scanner
>>>>>[hp] hp_get_dev: New device /dev/scanner, connect-scsi, scsi-request=1
>>>>>[hp] sanei_hp_device_new: /dev/scanner
>>>>>[hp] scsi_newopen failed (Invalid argument)
>>>>>[hp] /dev/scanner: Can't open scsi device
>>>>>[hp] sane_get_devices will finish with Success
>>>>>[hp] sane_exit called
>>>>>[hp] sane_exit will finish
>>>>>The sane configuration file /etc/sane.d/ho.conf is as follows:
>>>>>scsi HP
>>>>>I would appreciate any advice you people may be able to offer.

Peter Kirchgessner