[sane-devel] umax_pp again

Steve Brenneis sbrenneis@surry.net
Thu, 04 Jul 2002 08:57:05 -0400

Well, I have tried just about every combination I can think of to get 
this thing to work and I still cannot. I hope somone has some 
suggestions so I don't have to go back to using the scanner on windoze.

Here is a summary:

With the port in ECP (ppdev module installed in the kernel):

port 0x278 pauses for a second and then reports a bad read on the port.
port 0x378 same as 0x278
port 0x3c8 reports cannot connect to port
/dev/parport0 reports cannot connect to port

With the port in EPP (ppdev module installed);

All ports report cannot connect to port.

The old umax_pp driver used to work on 2.2 kernel but doesn't seem to 
work any more on 2.4 kernel.

Help! Someone?