[sane-devel] xsane-0.87 released

V K list0570@paradise.net.nz
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 16:50:11 +1200

> I already tried to answer your last mail directly to me
> but you should not use unusable from/reply adresses like:
> 	V K <hidden@paradise.net.nz>
> when you like to have an answer.

Sorry I stuffed up the addresses, and I wasn't expecting an answer.

Thanks for the patch, I'll try it out.

> Selecting lineart should alsways remove the contrast abd brightness sliders.
> There is no sense for this, you need a threshold slider!

I agree, on both counts. There isn't a threshold slider though.

> Sorry to say that, but it is a RTFM! (You can do this with xsane).

Then it would be nice if you told me how. The docs are very good, but if
you're referring to

  "Threshold: ... the backend needs to make available a threshold

then man sane-hp doesn't care to say anything about threshold. The
scanner supports grayscale, there is therefore no reason for the
backend to not support threshold setting with lineart. However that's a
moot point, because changing the threshold with the backend requires a
rescan, which, from the user's point of view, is plain useless (because
doing a gray scan and using image software is way faster than poking
thresholds in the dark).

The enhancement setup says under (grayscale->lineart)

  "Changes of the threshold value are visible in the preview window
  without a new preview scan."

this is the only useful alternative. Whether the backend supports a
threshold or not is pretty irrelevant, xsane should scan in grayscale
and display a threshold slider, but I can't see one anywhere.

I just went into Preferences->Setup->Enhancement and selected threshold
option "XSane main window (grayscale->lineart)" and grayscale scanmode
"grayscale" (though lineart etc. doesn't make a difference here). Exit
save options, select Xsane mode "viewer", colour "Lineart", and the
standard options show a slider for brightness and contrast, plus an
auto-threshold button. If you don't believe me I can send a screen
shot. As per your statement above this doesn't make sense - what am I
missing? And where is the threshold slider? (The advanced options
window doesn't have it either, thanks Henning!).

xsane is so good I started to do all other operations without consulting
the manual, except for the threshold with bi-tone scans, which I still
can't figure out.

One other minor point. The setup window has an apply-button, but xsane
is grayed out while the setup window is open. Is there any point in
having that button then?

Thanks Oliver,


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