[sane-devel] Re: UMAX 4500 firmware ...

Oliver Rauch oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 18:29:10 +0200

Rene Rebe schrieb:

> I heared that Umax/Avision have agreed to work with an Open-Source
> programmer. Maybe Oliver is the one ?

Yes. UMAX germany contacted me that UMAX has decided to support
the SANE development of the Astra 4500 Scanner.

I am in contact with a software manager of avison.
First information:
the scanner uses a USB scanner ASIC (type genesys logic inc GL646USB)
=> it does not use an scsi over usb protocoll and it has no firmware

I got a protocoll of this chip, a more recent version can be downloaded at:

or at

I will keep you informed about the further progress.

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