[sane-devel] Quick Patch: sane-umax 1.0.7 backend.

Duane Penzien D.Penzien@computer.org
Sat, 11 May 2002 20:44:04 -0400

First, thanks for a great product!  After a bit of debugging, works just
fine ;)

I don't know if this has been reported before, but I found a bug in
backends/umax.c which prevented my ancient UMAX UC1260 R1.6 from working
in color.  The symptom was: after completing the first color (red, I
think) pass, the software would give up with a "device busy" message.
The following patch fixes that:

--- umax.c.orig Sat Jan  5 12:17:00 2002
+++ umax.c      Sun May  5 18:09:03 2002
@@ -7273,6 +7273,7 @@
   if ( scanner->device->three_pass_color > WD_wid_red) /* three pass
scan, not first pass */
+    umax_wait_scanner(scanner->device);


As you can see, adding a call to umax_wait_scanner so that the second
and subsequent scans wait until the scanner is ready fixed the problem.

I am using a Tekram DC-315U scsi card and a Umax UC1260 Rev 1.6
(Envisions ENV24PRO) scanner.

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