[sane-devel] ANN: QuiteInsane 0.5 released

mh crapsite@gmx.net
Mon, 27 May 2002 20:58:21 +0200

I've just uploaded QuiteInsane 0.5.

Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/quiteinsane
Project homepage: http://quiteinsane.sourceforge.net

New in version 0.5:

New features:
-The preview image is updated continously during a preview scan. This is only 
 possible, if the scan size is known a priori and for image formats, that 
 don't require buffering (e.g. like 1bit RGB mode or three-pass mode).

-New filters/tools


-New widgets for some options.

-"Normalize" dialog - images with a palette weren't displayed correctly.

-QScanner class - automatic selection of the preview resolution did not work
 correctly, because QuiteInsane assumed that resolution values in a 
 SANE_CONSTRAINT_WORD_LIST are ordered in increasing order.
 This caused very high preview resolutions with some backends.

-QScrollBarOption; values of type SANE_TYPE_FIXED and a "quant" weren't 
 displayed correctly.

-Many changes in the QScanner::scanImage(...) method, e.g. support for RGB - 
 lineart mode (1 bit RGB; strange mode, but supported by SANE).