[sane-devel] Mustek BearPaw 2400 CU plus: now I'm totally confused (was: suddenly problems opening /dev/usbscanner0)

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Tue, 3 Jun 2003 11:24:48 +0200


On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 05:42:12PM +0200, Christoph Bier wrote:
> These are the messages I get, when I plug-out the 
> (work) scanner and plug-in it again.
> Jun  2 17:33:38 nb-pc057 kernel: usb.c: USB disconnect on device
> 00:11.2-1 address 2
> Jun  2 17:33:53 nb-pc057 kernel: hub.c: new USB device 00:11.2-1,
> assigned address 3
> Jun  2 17:33:58 nb-pc057 kernel: usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout
> Jun  2 17:33:58 nb-pc057 kernel: hub.c: new USB device 00:11.2-1,
> assigned address 4

Looks fine.

> Jun  2 17:34:03 nb-pc057 kernel: usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout

Oh well. Either a hardware problem (too slow to react?) or a kernel
bug. Check the linux-usb-users mailing list for this one, I remeber
that other people had similar problems, but not with scanners. Maybe
that's a problem with your USB chipset, but I don't remeber the
details. It doesn't seem to be an issue of the scanner module or sane.

> > Or your distribution found the scanner and used some hotplugging
> > magic but failed. And that stops your scanner from beeing detected
> Is there a possibility to turn such "hotplugging 
> magic" off?

Yes :-) For the details, consult your distribution's documentation. A
rather drasti way is to renam the /sbin/hotplug program to something