[sane-devel] Please test: changed handling of list of backends

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Fri, 6 Jun 2003 19:07:49 +0200


I've moved the list of backends that will be build from
backend/Makefile.in to configure. So we can print more clearly which
backends will be compiled and the tests are all in one place.

The changes are in CVS now. Please test if I broke something.

Configure pronts a warning if a backend is not built (disabling ...)
and lists all the backends that are being built. If the variable
"$BACKENDS" is set, only the listed backend are built. I don't want to
advertise this feature to avoid trouble with missing backends. But it
may be handy if you have a slow machine or want to rebuild one backend


$ ./configure
*** disabling GPHOTO2 backend (not requested, or failed to find gphoto2-config or JPEG library)
*** disabling PINT backend (sys/scanio.h not found)
*** disabling pnm backend (not selected manually)
-> The following backends will be built:
abaton agfafocus apple artec as6e avision bh canon canon630u coolscan
coolscan2 dc25 dmc epson fujitsu gt68xx hp leo matsushita microtek
microtek2 mustek mustek_pp mustek_usb nec pie plustek ricoh s9036
sceptre sharp sp15c st400 tamarack test teco1 teco2 teco3 umax umax_pp
umax1220u artec_eplus48u ma1509 ibm hp5400 dc210 dc240 canon_pp hpsj5s
qcam v4l net snapscan sm3600

$ BACKENDS="gt68xx net" ./configure
-> The following backends will be built:
gt68xx net