[sane-devel] multiple images on XSane

Martin Collins martin@mkcollins.org
Mon, 9 Jun 2003 13:32:46 +0100

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003 06:42:08 +0100
"F J Brooks" <fred@redgrave.screaming.net> wrote:

> No, I found that I also had sane-backends-1.0.8 [the original which
> came with my SuSE distribution]. So I removed it (using YaST2).
> That's when things got even worse!

Did you install sane and xsane using YaST2 or from source? Often the two
methods will put things in different places and that can lead to
conflicts if you have two versions installed.
It sounds like you installed sane-backends-1.0.11 from source and xsane
from rpm using YaST2. Removing sane-backends-1.0.8 with YaST2 probably
removed xsane as well, since xsane depends on sane-backends.

If you did install any of sane-backends, sane-frontends or xsane from
source I suggest you remove them by going into their respective source
directories and (as root) typing 'make uninstall'.
Then get the latest rpms you can find and reinstall them using YaST2.
This may put xsane in /usr/bin instead of /usr/local/bin. If so you
will need to change your icon's properties accordingly.