[sane-devel] Microtek SlimScan C3, output always a black image

Karsten Festag karsten.festag@gmx.de
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 23:19:32 +0200

Hi Jose,

ok, I think I found and solved the problem. I put the changed code on my 
homepage www.karstenfestag.gmxhome.de, it's the latest version. You will have 
to remove the SUSE packages and compile SANE from the sources if you want to 
use that.
But I think you can try to exchange only the library file so you don't have to 
uninstall the SUSE package and compile SANE by yourself: for this you have to 
find the file 'libsane-microtek2.so.1.0.9'; I think it is in /usr/lib/sane or 
/usr/local/lib/sane. This file is linked to libsane-microtek2.so.1 and 

Please remove the links (all these things are to be done as root) and replace 
the libsane-microtek2.so.1.0.9 file with the one I attached to this mail 
(don't forget to unpack (bunzip) the attached file :-) )
The re-create the links:
ln libsane-microtek2.so.1.0.9 libsane-microtek2.so.1
ln libsane-microtek2.so.1.0.9 libsane-microtek2.so

( of course to be typed in the directory where the libsane-microtek2.so.1.0.9 
file is)

Have luck!


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