[sane-devel] Re: Nikon Coolscan IV and scanner.c funky result -75

Major A andras@users.sourceforge.net
Tue, 17 Jun 2003 21:20:27 +0100


Hope you don't mind me also sending a copy to the SANE list.

> often I get this strange error : scanner.c blah funky result:-75
> blah. I have been getting this for a while and once it happens,

OK, that sounds familiar, but I still don't know a solution to it. The
tricky bit about USB is that if there's a bug in one of the generic
drivers, it might go unnoticed for very long because most hardware
doesn't trigger it. I'm pretty sure this has to do with the USB system
in Linux, and I think it has been reported to the USB team. A
user-level program like SANE should not be allowed to crash the
computer like that, so it's certainly not exclusively a SANE problem.

> the only solution is to reboot - the scanner module cannot be
> unloaded, it says it is always in use.

The scanner module is more and more obsolete. Most backends in newer
SANE releases (from 1.0.11 I think) use libusb, which on Linux uses
usbdevfs to access the hardware. This should be much more
robust. Could you please try the latest SANE release and make sure
libusb (including development files) is installed when you build it?

> scanner: HP5300C and that works just great with hpusb driver. Also,
> I have a Nikon (speaking of the brand loyalty :) D100 digital camera
> and just managed to get it connected (USB) to linux using gphoto2
> and hotplug. They both work great - so it seems that I got the USB
> system right.

Unfortunately, as I said above, this is not a guarantee that the USB
system works all right. I've been using the VIA USB 2.0 controller on
my mainboard for months now without any trouble, but the moment I
connected an external USB 2.0 hard disk to it, things started going
very wrong. The solution is still outstanding, the USB team are
working on it...

> VueScan. Great program, I just wish to have bought it when it was
> only $40 for lifetime updates, now it is $80 for a year :(

Seems that SANE is finally taking away some of Ed's income...


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