[sane-devel] Second draft of Scanner HOWTO for TLDP

Laurent-jan ljm@xs4all.nl
Wed, 25 Jun 2003 17:19:19 +0200

Howard Shane wrote:
> ...is available for viewing at
> I've tried to incorporate everyone's corrections and suggestions 
> wherever possible. For any remaining omissions or errata please let me 
> know.
> Thanks!
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Some remarks:

5.1: The howto-page is not mine; it has been made by Steve Sheriff. 
After he took it down, I got quite a few questions about the disapaered 
link, so I asked Steve if I could host a copy. And it's his model, not 
mine (allas...)

6: You put the scanimage command as:
$ scanimage -d /dev/scanner0 --format pnm > outfile.pnm
I remember some discussions about the -d argument. I think it should be
-d backend:device, f.e.
$ scanimage -d umax:/dev/sg6 --format pnm > outfile.pnm

8: Maybe we should think about a more general way of toubleshooting. 
Some maufacturers (f.e. of copiers) use a flowchart-like algoritm to 
find the actions. It would be nice if we could make somethong like that.