[sane-devel] OS/2 support in backends

Gerhard Jaeger gerhard@gjaeger.de
Mon, 13 Oct 2003 10:06:36 +0200

Hi list,

thanks to Franz Bakan, I've managed to fix at least the sanei_thread supp=
for OS/2 - the test-backend works on that platform.
While searching through the backends, I noticed, that at least three othe=
backends (avision, mustek and hp) support OS/2 by defining a
os2_readerprocess. This is no longer necessary. (Peter Kirchgessner, had
already confirmed, that he will change his HP backend code...)
Please remove the os2_readerprocess and modify your code maybe that
way like it's done in the test backend. As soon, as every os2_readerproce=
function has disappeared, I will remove the porting stuff from sanei_thre=

Other backends, that currently use fork for the reader-process can also=20
easyly portet to sanei_threads, so we are able to support MacOS X
and OS/2