[sane-devel] Medion MD9850: scan range & noise probs?

Wolfgang Fabics wolfgang.fabics@chello.at
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 11:22:02 +0100

Wolfgang Fabics wrote:

> I'll try... stepping back a few meters and closing my eyes ;-)

Thanks, Eddy! One problem solved: cis1200 gives me the correct scan
range :-)

> I'll give it a try with cis1200 and report back.

Bridge here, status report: Still positive on the clanking noise,
Captain. Now present both in B/W and color mode.

Although it's not always the same... maybe 1 at the beginning and 3 in
the middle, or just 6 - 8 anywhere throughout the page, or any other
combo. The head does definitely not hit anything, as far as I can see
without opening the scanner (nicely stops at the bottom, switches off
and skips back).

If e.g. only the belt was worn, I cannot imagine it would produce such a
loud *clank* each time a dent misses/slips (I mean, it's rubber!). Any
other ideas that may involve a screwdriver and some lubricant?